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Choosing The Right Bouncy Castles For Hire Or Purchase

Finding a quality jumping castle that best suits the needs, tastes and preferences of the small guests at a kids’ party can be quite challenging. It does not help matters that there is a very wide range on offer from different bouncy castle hire companies. With the following considerations, however, you can make an informed decision and select the right jumping castle that will bring the fun to your event.

Age and number of kids

Bouncy castles come in different shapes, sizes and styles, each uniquely suiting a particular age group. Younger kids may enjoy colourful and themed inflatables, while the older kids and teens will definitely find the appeal in units that are more toned down. The number of expected guests will also help you determine the right size and number of units to hire, so that the weight limits imposed on a single unit are not exceeded.

Product Quality and Safety

For moms across the world, this is a universal factor when it comes to bouncy castle hire. Enquire from the hire company about all the safety regulations observed by the manufacturer and stable design. This should include the quality of the material used in making the castles, which contributes to the durability of the inflatable. In addition, you should look for castles with features such as safety nets and mats.

It is also always a safe bet to choose bouncy castles that have the full backing of a public liability insurance cover taken by the hire company. In addition, enquire about the methods and frequency of maintenance the hire company undertakes.


For the ultimate mix of fun, manufacturers have included features that go a long way into adding that wow element to the fun. From bounce –and-slide combo units, sectioned wrestling arenas, basketball hoops and many other exciting features. Choose a bouncy castle with a set of fun features and the kids will have the time of their lives in a fun experience that they will remember for a long time.


Apart from the entertainment, parties attract other expenses. When selecting items for bouncy castle hire, the rental rates are an important factor that cannot be understated. Overly cheap inflatables call into question the quality of the bouncy castles, with the suspicion that cheap will end up expensive in the long run as far as the safety of the kids is concerned.

It also makes no economic sense to spend so much on hiring bouncy castles at very high rates, when the same quality of castles can be obtained for a reasonably affordable rate. Ultimately, whatever the asking price, you should not compromise on the quality of the jumping castles, with the knowledge that the safety and wellbeing of your kids as they play depends on it.

Before committing to a bouncy castle hire or purchase agreement, careful consideration should be given to these factors in order to ensure that the inflatable delivers on quality, safety and fits well with your budget. With an excellent choice of the jumping castles, you can sit back and let the kids have a play day of madly exciting fun.



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