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For my little man’s fifth birthday, I had to do something amazing. He might not remember the others but with a mind so bright, I imagine his fifth would be the first of the many that he will remember growing up. Top on the list for the day’s entertainment was balloon twisting and the artists did not disappoint; everyone, and especially birthday boy, loved it.
The artist arrived on time and was very professional and courteous in his interactions with the guests. A more warm side to him took over as the kids moved in for some balloon twisting action. Friendly and very patient, we all admired just how good he was with the kids. As he did the balloon creations he would keep the kids engaged with genuinely heart-warming conversation.
His people skills were no match for his balloon twisting skills though. From little doggies, cats and animals, to colorful hats and play items such as swords, the kids were excited to see what he would come up with. You could see their excitement when he made balloon designs of some of their favorite characters such as Spiderman and SpongeBob square pants. This display of talent encouraged the kids to make specific requests to which he patiently took note of and willingly obliged. He did not disappoint and the kids were more than impressed.
One was just not enough and they kept coming back for more. He definitely earned his pay that day as the balloon twisting station remained busy throughout the whole event. Working at impressive speed, he definitely kept up with the demand, doing each creation in average time of 2-3 minutes.
Making the balloon twisting booking, I knew it would add color and bring more fun to the party. Having the company send over an artist that was so professional and excellent with the kids was definitely the icing on the cake.

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